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Making clean hydrogen is a huge focus for the energy market. (Image: Ways2H)

Ways2H just secured a $2.5M investment from Pacific6 Enterprises. The company uses a thermochemical process to convert waste into renewable hydrogen with a net zero-carbon footprint and without incineration.

Why does this matter?

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The world is moving towards clean food sources. (Image: Hooray Bacon)

Plant-based protein has taken to the market, influencing consumer behavior and demand for the products.

While Impossible Meat and Beyond Burger are the first movers in this space, there is more room for growth and innovation in this sector. One such company, Hooray Foods, is doing just that. Hooray Foods is making plant-based bacon that is designed to look, cook, and taste just like the real thing.

Sri Artham, the Founder of Hooray Foods, has taken some time to answer some questions regarding Hooray Foods and his observations about being part of this exciting sector.

What’s your story?

About two years ago, I had left my previous startup. I worked on labor issues in our food supply chains for almost a decade and thought it was time that I worked on environmental issues in our food supply chains. I learned about how much our food has an impact on the world. …

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Finding innovative ways to improve performance of solar panels. (Image: SunDensity)

SunDensity just closed their $2.5M initial round of financing, which was led by Clean Energy Ventures. SunDensity has developed a photonic smart coating (PSC) technology that increases the power output of any solar module by as much as 20%. The coating turns blue photons red, allowing for greater absorption.

Why does this matter?

  • Commercial solar PV today is inefficient, with the best performance between 20–30%.
  • The US alone will install nearly 100 GW of solar from 2021–2025, 42% more than was installed over the last five years.
  • The global solar energy market size was valued at $52.5B in 2018 and is projected to reach $223B by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 20.5% …


Daniel Kriozere

Impact Investment Analyst at One World | Startup Weekend Facilitator | Climate Tech Enthusiast

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