A new type of approach to building solar panels. (Image: NovaSolix)

What if there was a new solar technology that made solar energy a whole magnitude cheaper and more efficient?

Warming Stripes for GLOBE from 1850–2020 (Image: https://showyourstripes.info/)

Utilizing digital modeling and proprietary optimization algorithms to drive the design of the fabrication process and manufacture complex components. (Image: Vistex Composites)

What problem is Vistex Composites trying to solve? How are you solving the problem?

Clear Flame is adapting diesel engines to run on Ethanol. (Image: ClearFlame)

What is the larger problem you’re trying to solve? And How’s ClearFlame fitting in to solve this problem?

Re-Nuble: The world’s enabler of closed-loop food for soilless farms. (Image: Re-Nuble)

What problem are you trying to solve and why are you trying to solve this?

What problem are you trying to solve?

We need a different approach to hit net zero by 2050. (Image: Unsplash)

Daniel Kriozere

Impact Investment Analyst at One World | Startup Weekend Facilitator | Climate Tech Enthusiast

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