A Bright Outlook for Solar

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Finding innovative ways to improve performance of solar panels. (Image: SunDensity)

SunDensity just closed their $2.5M initial round of financing, which was led by Clean Energy Ventures. SunDensity has developed a photonic smart coating (PSC) technology that increases the power output of any solar module by as much as 20%. The coating turns blue photons red, allowing for greater absorption.

Why does this matter?

What’s next?


If you can’t beat the competition, join them. SunDensity is taking a strategic position by creating technology that can be used on new and existing solutions, as well as having many potential applications. There are many market dynamics happening in the solar sector, from innovations like PSC to sun tracking and improvements in materials/manufacturing. The outcome is clear, the cost of solar PV will continue to decrease as improvements in the ecosystem come to market.

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