Act Soon Or Face a Liquid Death

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Brands are now focused on driving plastic out of the market. Liquid Death takes on water. (Image: Liquid Death)

Throughout human history, transporting food and water has been critical for survival. Today we have plastic water bottles, but how did this start?

The Timeline:

You can see where this is going…

Meanwhile Liquid Death started as a silly idea and a marketing focused brand, there is a sustainability piece as well. Granted, drinking water from reusable water bottles is best for the environment, its aluminum cans are made out of more than 70% recycled material, making them more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles. 5 cents of every can sold is donated to help solve plastic pollution.

Similar to Tesla’s beginnings, Liquid Death has approached sustainability in a similar fashion — by focusing on the product design and the marketing. The product just so happens to be environmentally friendly.

The future is in the eyes of the innovators. The question is not about how to make a sustainable product, but how to influence consumer behavior. The more effective and faster we can change consumer behavior, the better chance we have of meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and preserving the Earth.

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