Cheaper Batteries Mean Big Opportunity

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Energy storage as a whole is a huge market opportunity. (Image: Terrament)

Terrament is building affordable, large scale energy storage. This week Eric Chaves, the Founder of Terrament, talked about his solution for energy storage — Modular Underground Gravity Storage (MUGS). He believes that Terrament can provide a cheap, scalable solution for grid-scale long duration energy storage.

Below are the key takeaways from the conversation, and if you want to dig deeper, check out Eric’s research paper.

Why does this matter?

What’s next?


Energy storage will be one of the challenges the sector will face as we continue to electrify everything. As electricity demand is only projected to grow, there will be a need to manage energy from a demand response and resource allocation perspective. Terrament offers a unique and feasible solution to help in this transition.

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