Making Ecommerce More Sustainable

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Sustainability spans more than just traditional commerce. (Image: Nathalia Rosa)

This week, Damian Estrada, the Founder and CEO of Mandatum, discussed what he is working on. Mandatum is turning e-commerce’s unsustainable inefficiencies into money for the Amazon Rainforests, savings for shoppers, and profits for brands. Below are the key takeaways from the conversation.

Why does this matter?

What’s next?

Future Outlook
We will have zero-inventory virtual and brick and mortar showrooms for durable goods, where shoppers will decide the products they want and place the build-to-order order on their cell phones or in-store screens. Brand creators will delivery direct to the consumer. Marketplaces and retailers will continue having the immediacy approach mostly for fast-moving consumer goods, and the right amount of inventory to serve durable goods orders that will demand immediate delivery. The catch is that those products will have a high premium when compared to the prices available via Mandatum.

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