The Future of Clean Hydrogen

Ways2H just secured a $2.5M investment from Pacific6 Enterprises. The company uses a thermochemical process to convert waste into renewable hydrogen with a net zero-carbon footprint and without incineration.

Why does this matter?

What’s next?

  • Ways2H is currently developing commercial facilities in Tokyo and California that convert waste biomass into clean hydrogen fuel. This round of funding will be used to develop more renewable hydrogen production projects in the US, Europe and Asia.
  • Ways2H expects to begin supplying hydrogen to customers by early 2021.
  • As microgrids grow, it is possible and likely that they will integrate renewable hydrogen. This means that there will be less energy demand from the grid, and therefore would reduce carbon footprint.
  • Broadly speaking, clean hydrogen can replace fossil fuels.


Industrial processes are innovating, disrupting the current market for the better. We need new technology that is not only more efficient, but also implements sustainability practices. Companies tackling these problems are prime candidates for companies with net zero commitments.

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